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About us



The Bouddi Body journey started with a simple goal… Hayley & Jenna want to make the world, and you, beautiful. After scouring the shelves at various chemists & supermarkets they realised that they are filled with products that claim to be natural but contain harmful and drying alcohols & preservatives. To be beautiful inside & out there needed to be a change in what is on offer in the beauty industry. In utilising the best that nature has to offer we’re able to provide you with a safe, natural product while working to preserve our beautiful world.

We want to spread the word & collaborate with others to eliminate harmful plastics, use recyclable packaging, and avoid the use of harmful absorbing alcohols & preservatives while being carbon neutral through offset initiatives.

Jenna grew up in the lush surrounds of Bouddi National Park & Hayley fell in love with the rock formations & scenic views. They decided on the name Bouddi Body, Bouddi meaning heart in Indigenous Australian fell perfectly within our values.

Love yourself, love the world we live in!

Bouddi Body Co Founders Australian Natural Skincare